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YURA helps to improve attractiveness and competitiveness of rural regions in comparison to urban centres.

YURA wants to hear what improvements of social infrastructure will let the young people stay in rural areas.  It is good access to education and culture, mobility and transport, leisure opportunities or living conditions.


Last news

  • YURA news5th Newsletter of the YURA project [PDF, 1,3 MB] (5.3.2013)
    The last edition of the YURA newsletter informs about the end of the project, its regional and transnational effects and YURA final conference. The 5th newsletter was prepared by the project Lead Partner – Ministry of Regional Development and Transport Saxony-Anhalt.

  • Final Conference and the 6th project meeting in Magdeburg (5.3.2013)
  • 2nd Advisory Group meeting in Brussels2nd Advisory Group meeting in Brussels (11.12.2012)
    The 2nd Advisory Group meeting was organized in Brussels at the headquarters of the Representation of the project partner Lower Silesia on 29th of November 2012.

  • YURA news4th Newsletter of the YURA project [PDF, 808 kB] (10.12.2012)
    Next edition of YURA Newsletter gives you new inside view on YURA project activities and related topics. This is already the 4th edition and was prepared by Association for Students and Civil Society in the county of Hajdú-Bihar (Hungary).

  • Strategy & Mainstreaming Workshop in Novara (12.11.2012)
  • 5th meeting in Debrecen5th meeting in Debrecen (8.8.2012)
    The fifth project meeting was held in Debrecen on 17th and 18th of July 2012. On the agenda was Transnational Working Group Meeting, Transnational Management Group meeting and Steering Committe.


News Archive




The Demographic Change


• Migration, ageing and higher skill shortages

• Growing competition between regions for residents and skilled professionals

• Maintaining vocational opportunities for youngsters in their home regions



Your Region – Your Future


• Assistance to youngsters in their career choice

• Encouragement of cooperation between schools and regional companies

• Establishment of transferable cooperation models and on-the-job training strategies




Targeting youngsters


• Joint development of strategies for improving life quality in rural areas by youngsters and stakeholders

• Initiating and testing long-term cooperation among companies and schools

• Promoting civic attitude and social responsibility

• Transnational exchange of experiences between youngsters via meetings and summer camps





Project Partnership

YURA has 10 partners from Central Europe area. Represented are Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary and Poland. The lead partner is Ministry of Regional Development and Transport Saxony-Anhalt.


...more about partnership read here


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This project is implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF.

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