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Final results of the YURA project



YURA project was finished in February 2013 but many important facts and results came out during the realization. We bring you the short overview in the next lines.


Rural areas are affected by demographic change twice: in addition to the decreasing birth rates, they experience an exodus of young and skilled people.


Depopulation, birth decline and aging have a negative influence on the economic and social development of rural regions. Young people play a key role in tackling the problem of demographic change if they feel that they will have to leave because there are no employment opportunities in their home region.


European regions need innovative concepts to tackle this “brain drain”. Stronger cooperation between regional players from the political, economic, educational and scientific sectors is needed to implement successful strategies. Attractive offers for the vocational and scientific education of young people form the foundation towards achieving this goal.


To counteract the migration of young people in the long run, the project partners carried out a total of 18 pilot actions, which addressed a variety of youth issues and needs in the regions. There were involved 52 regional companies, 103 schools, 129 regional political stakeholders and 3558 youngsters in the project pilot actions. 39 new cooperations were established. 60 follow-up projects and activities are being planned.


More details you can find in the final documents. They are added below for download.


The final brochure of the YURA project provides an overview of current challenges for regions in the Central Europe Programme areas.


You can read how the final conference came about here.


Final study of the pilot actions brings complete information about the realization of these activities in all project regions.






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This project is implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF.

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